Hercules Tech

We are quantitative developers who create data-driven tools for institutional trading firms.

Our Focus

Big Data

 We leverage big data from sentiment, network, and trade data to better understand how markets change based off of real time news and network effects. 


We are specialists in Blockchain analysis and Natural Language Processing. 

Quantamental Research

 Hercules uses network and text to accurately understand the fundamentals of emerging blockchains, both private and public. 

Our Products

OEMS System

Order Execution Management technology powered by Smart Order Routing

Backtesting Engine

Simulation software that takes into account slippage and transaction fees

Optimization Algorithms

As alphas are added, portfolio is optimized every 5 minutes, ensuring that the book is always balanced and market neutral 

Meet the Team

Mick Sherman | CEO

 As Head Of Quantitative Strategy at Broker Genius, Mick managed a team of 5 data scientists and was responsible for building business intelligence and data visualization tools for the trading terminal. Mick worked for Broker Genius for over 3 years, managed a $150 Million portfolio as a Senior PM and brought over $20 Million in new revenue by proving the impact of pricing automation. Broker Genius is the leading data and pricing company in the $10 Billion secondary ticket market. 

Kenneth Goodman | CTO

 As a Quantitative Developer at Goldman Sachs, Ken worked on the risk side and helped drive initiatives to reduce risk. Ken has a demonstrated history of working in the financial technology industry. He graduated with an undergraduate honors degree in mathematics in two years, is completing a MS degree in Machine Learning from Georgia Tech University and is an Adjunct Mathematics Professor. He is passionate about Blockchain, Machine Learning, Applied Statistics, Quantitative Development and Mathematical Reasoning.

Jae-Hong Kim | Lead Developer

Jae graduated from Seoul National University with a degree in Mathematics and Statistics. He then joined Castling Investment Group in Seoul before working for almost 2 years at WorldQuant LLC, one of the largest quant funds in the world. Jae specializes in building simulation technology which allows Hercules to test models and strategies in a near noise-free environment. 

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